If the Bogdanoff brothers were in orbit, would it have any influence on Pluto?

Grégoire and Igor Bogdanoff
Grégoire and Igor Bogdanoff by François Collard, image under licence gdfl and cc by 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Would a scientist, let alone a scientist who is the cause of fundamental changes, rather work to make progress on her or his work, or sue anyone who had the impudence to contradict her or him? Knowing that falsifiability is at the heart of a serious scientific approach.

You may think this is obviously a rhetoric question, but its answer does not seem to be obvious for the Bogdanoff twins. At least, their recent interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro seems to attest it. As this interview deserves to be questioned, I propose to do so, as viewed from here.

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Epilogue concerning the law on intelligence

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, the French Constitutional Council endorsed the major parts of the law on intelligence. It also has considered the part concerning intelligence on the Internet of the military planning law adequate for the protection of privacy. Yet, few hours earlier, the un Committee for the Human Rights had expressed concerns about the law on intelligence.

Three articles were censored, but the majority of the new law is validated. In particular, the black boxes have been validated, despite the questions they raise.

Here is the epilogue to a subject repeatedly discussed in this blog. That said, a future law can always improve balances in the law. Hopefully this will be the case, based on a rigorous examination of the consequences of this law.

The Big Bang: when the Universe is not banging!

The microwave sky
The microwave sky, one of the oldest known radiation, as seen by the Planck mission – © esa.

Is it because it concerns the origins of things? Anyway, the Big Bang is a scientific subject which everyone seems to have heard of. However, it appears that general ideas about it are not really clear.

As it will be question of the Big Bang in the subjects I will address soon in this website, here is an opportunity to inaugurate scientific popularisation articles in my blog: I propose to present the basics of the Big Bang, using simple experiments that everyone can do at home.

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21st of June

On 24 June 2015, thanks to the students of the Académie intercommunale de Court-Saint-Étienne et Ottignies-Louvain-la-neuve, took place the public creation of one of my compositions. The song is entitled 21st of June. A camera was present, which recorded this rendition. I give some explanations below, especially concerning my strange gesticulations, but first enjoy the video:

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