A Vue From the Attic: the Space Opera, first part

At the time of Chasseurs de rêves (this link leads to a French speaking website), part of my work was to write overviews of chosen subjects: I was looking for and presenting works fitting with these subjects. I tried to present both the most well known works and less known jewels. I must admit: I liked making these overviews, it made me rummaging in bookshops, media libraries, and find something to surprise readers. Besides, I miss it a bit.

So I decided to start this series, A Vue From the Attic, which will explore the links between fantasy culture on the one hand, and classical and avant-garde cultures on the other hand. This will also allow me to emphasise connections between science and other cultural forms. For a start, I chose a subject that brings me back to the origins of science fiction: space opera. As I have to present works from various media, the most relevant and attractive seemed to do it on video. As web accessibility is essential to me, for the visually impaired, I tried to ensure that the audio track allows getting the essentials. For the hearing impaired, as well as those troubled with my accent, subtitles are available.

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