Comme un écho lointain

On December 18th, 2020, Abigail Delpech played one of my compositions:

Comme un écho lointain

This is a pedagogic piece for piano. I have composed it just for Abigail. While talking with her, it turned out she likes complex harmonies, just like I do. Therefore, I decided to go for a slightly complicated harmonic progression. Then, it turned out I needed more than ten fingers to let come out the harmonies. This completely changed my plans: I realized I had to let myself be guided by the harmonic progression. As a consequence, I have been quite surprised by the resulting composition, but I am quite satisfied of it!

Many thanks to Abigail, which made some very good work on it, and gave a rather good rendition. I hope you enjoy it!

Variations électroniques sur le concerto pour violon de Beethoven—working version

William Grynszpan played my piece “Variations électroniques sur le concerto pour violon de Beethoven” on Monday 16th November 2020 on the occasion of Bernard Cavanna’s master class at Conservatoire de Cergy-Pontoise. I have been able to capture it, and I share it here. It is a working version, but the result is already valid. Simply, please forgive me for my error of handling at the beginning. Also, please excuse that the focus is not on William.

This piece is to be performed in a show about Ludwig van Beethoven, which rendition will be done as soon as the sanitary conditions in France will allow gathering an audience. It is a bit out of context here, but it gives a first idea.

The electronic treatment is based on Maximos Kaliakatsos-PapakostasGrainman-master and I have been helped by Pure Data users community.

A Vue From the Attic: the Space Opera, first part

At the time of Chasseurs de rêves (this link leads to a French speaking website), part of my work was to write overviews of chosen subjects: I was looking for and presenting works fitting with these subjects. I tried to present both the most well known works and less known jewels. I must admit: I liked making these overviews, it made me rummaging in bookshops, media libraries, and find something to surprise readers. Besides, I miss it a bit.

So I decided to start this series, A Vue From the Attic, which will explore the links between fantasy culture on the one hand, and classical and avant-garde cultures on the other hand. This will also allow me to emphasise connections between science and other cultural forms. For a start, I chose a subject that brings me back to the origins of science fiction: space opera. As I have to present works from various media, the most relevant and attractive seemed to do it on video. As web accessibility is essential to me, for the visually impaired, I tried to ensure that the audio track allows getting the essentials. For the hearing impaired, as well as those troubled with my accent, subtitles are available.

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21st of June

On 24 June 2015, thanks to the students of the Académie intercommunale de Court-Saint-Étienne et Ottignies-Louvain-la-neuve, took place the public creation of one of my compositions. The song is entitled 21st of June. A camera was present, which recorded this rendition. I give some explanations below, especially concerning my strange gesticulations, but first enjoy the video:

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