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Viviane Lalande
Viviane Lalande, author of the website Scilabus – photo credit: Éric Myre.

Scilabus is a French-speaking science popularisation website that combines texts and videos. This website has been initiated and is run by Viviane Lalande, who gets help from her sister Marianne Lalande and Renaud Manuguerra. Its editorial line is to take everyday life situations – for example, is it better to walk or to run in the rain, what is the best way to share space in a microwave oven? – and explore them scientifically. This leads to popularize experimental approaches and it is done in a very educational way.

Once again, I cannot find anything really wrong concerning this website. At most, I disagree when it indicates that to justify some statistical criterion one must necessarily go through a course. In my view, such a subject may perfectly be popularised, it is simply a matter of popularising a theoretical subject rather than an applied one. That said, it is relevant that one popularises topics that she or he does master. Consequently, a person whose themes focus on the experimental sciences will work to popularise the experimental sciences. This is what is done on Scilabus.

If you know some French, I invite you to visit this website: I have no doubt you will get many interesting and useful information.

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